Ethical Hacking

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Course Content

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Technology Brief
Information Security Threats, Attacks
CIA Triangle
Network Security Zone
Phases of Hacking
Scoping and engagement
Target and strategy
Penetration Testing
Information Security Laws
Incident Management
Chapter 2: Information Gathering
Footprinting objectives
Footprinting through Search Engines
Email Footprinting
Monitoring Website Traffic
Google Hacking Database
IOT Search Engines
Domain Reconnaissance
Social Infrastructure
Network Infrastucture
Chapter 3: Scanning and enumeration
Network Scanning TCP/UDP
Network Topology
OS fingerprinting
Service enumeration
Hping3 and Xmas Scanning
Firewall Scanning and Evasion
Nmap script engine
NETBIOS, FTP, LDAP, SMTP enumeration
Chapter 4 : Vulnerability Analysis
Vulnerability Assesment
Assesment Life-Cycle
Vulnerability Scanning OpenVas,nessus etc.
Acunetix, Vega, IBM Appscan
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser(MBSA)
Chapter 5 : Social Engineering
Shoulder Surfing
Motivation Techniques
Chapter 6: Malicious codes
FUD & Crypter
Chapter 7: System Hacking
Name Resolution exploit
Default Password tools
Rainbow Table
Windows Password Cracking
SMB and FTP exploit
DoS Attacks
UAC Bypass
Windows Hacking
Mobile Device Hacking
Chapter 8: Covering Tracks
Clearing Audit Policies
Clearing Event logs on windows
Clearing Event logs on Linux
Chapter 9: Sniffing
MAC and CAM Table
MAC Flooding
DHCP Attacks
ARP Poisioning
Chapter 10: Network Analysing
Statistics and Analysis
Playing with Buffers
Packet analysis
Chapter 11: Bypassing Techniques
Evading Firewall
Bypassing IDS, Honeypot
Session Slicing
Spoofing IP
Chapter 12: Wireless and RF
Evil Twin (Karma, Downgrade)
Deauth attacks
Analysis of RF Signals
Wireless Social Engineering
Chapter 13: Spoofing
EMail spoofing
Call, SMS Spoofing
Identity Spoofing (IP,MAC)
Real-time Practicals
Sending a fake email and sms
VoIP calling
IP and Mac address changing
Chapter 14: Web Hacking
Overview of Web
Understanding web server
Understanding the status codes
Mirroring a Website
Cross Site Scripting
HTML Injection
Directory Traversal
SQL Injection
Union Based
Time Based
Error Based
Blind SQL Injection
Cookie Based
Bypassing Firewall
Sql to Shell Access
Session Hijacking
Bruteforcing credentials
Redirection Attacks
Host Header Atttacks
Parameter Pollution
Local File Inclusion
Website Defacement
Remote Code Execution
Web Application Fuzzing
Server Side Request Forgery
XXE Attacks
API Pentesting
Covering Tracks
Real-time Practicals
Burpsuite exploration
Live XSS, HTMLi, and other vulnerabilities
Hacking websites via SQLi, LFI, RCE, Command injection
Buying products for free (Read Disclaimer)
Chapter 15: Cloud
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Threats
Cloud Computing Attacks
Insecure Interface API
Cloud Security Tools and Penetration Testing
Real-time Practicals
Active scanning on Cloud
Chapter 16: Crypto
Cryptography Concepts
Encryption Algorithms
Cryptography Tools
Kerberos Authentication
Heartbleed, Poodle
Real-time Practicals
Cracking windows passwords
Identifying the threats on web
Chapter 17: Reporting
Own Methodologies
Bug Bounty Reports

Learning Objectives

          • From this training, You can get Strong knowledge of Ethical hacking techniques and its procedures.

          • Also have Real-time experience in Ethical hacking techniques and tools.

          • Expert in Ethical Hacking Advanced topics and Ethical hacking Modules.

          • Hands-on Knowledge in Ethical hacking concepts and techniques.

          • Ability to do ethical hacking.

          • Deep Knowledge in Cyber security.

          • To illustrate the concepts of Hacking.

          • Particularly you can get Good Knowledge in cyber security, hacking with cloud technology.

          • And also have Depth understanding of Ethical hacking Changes.

          • Finally, Mastering in Cyber security – Hacking with real-time experience.

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